news :: monthly luncheon at the hard rock hotel and resort

wedding photographerimages courtesy of theorie

San Diego’s longest running wedding networking group ~ Weddings of Distinction, rocks the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel & Resort!

Our Weddings of Distinction crew paid a delightful visit to the rockin’ Hard Rock Hotel San Diego this past month for our monthly luncheon meeting. Hats off to our Hard Rock hostesses ~ Barbara Berning, Rebecca Zweig and Lisa Bennun, Director of Catering, for a spectacular presentation of their hotel, service and food. What a fantastic luncheon and a great venue for special events and weddings!

Special thanks to our two key showcasers on the day ~ Tiffany Arnaldo from Cali Cards and Shannon Henry from Studio Carre. Both gave excellent presentations of their services.

Congratulations to fellow member David Wasserman from Joes On The Nose Organic Espresso Catering on his newly found wedded bliss!

Loads of referrals were shared. Lots of networking was conducted. Raffle prizes were doled out. A good time was had by all. We’ll see you September 28th at member property Hilton San Diego Del Mar!

The Weddings of Distinction 2010 Board:

President, Bob Brichmann, DJ & Emcee from Artistic Productions; Vice-President, Ann Strobel, Coordinator from Ann’s Plans; Treasurer, Merrylin Brichmann, DJ & Emcee from Artistic Productions; Founding President, Susan Ashley from Romantic Honeymoons,; Membership, Andrea Pena from The Prado at Balboa Park; Secretary, Diane Wilson from Silverwood Music Ensemble; Committee Members: Markeing, Shannon Henry, photographer from Studio Carre.

Weddings of Distinction is a non-profit networking group specializing in weddings and special event. They meet monthly at various San Diego County hotels, resorts and special event facilities. The group’s goal is building professional relationships and networking to give clients the best advice and services to choose from.

member spotlight :: SilverWood musicians

wedding musicians SilverWoodSilverWood began in 1995 as a guitar/flute duo and since then has mushroomed into a versatile musical ensemble, with two to seven musicians, including a vocalist. They perform a vast variety of music styles, including classical, pop, jazz, folk, and international, providing tasteful live music for almost any occasion.
Characterized by rich harmonies and stirring rhythms, their presentations can be intimate or dynamic, soothing or energizing, whatever fits the event. Also, they promote a stimulating rapport between themselves and their listeners; SilverWood plays music for enjoyment!

Please contact Diane at for more information!