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David Wright Plush Lounge furniture rental

Plush Lounge furniture rental provides a chic seating environment for the infamous ‘grey area’ between the wedding reception dance floor and traditional round table formal seating for weddings and other events. Today’s weddings have shifted towards a more modern look with a nightclub style reception to bring guests together, in comparison to more formal dining layouts that isolated family from friends unless they were on the dance floor. Plush Lounge offers luxury, high quality seating to help transform wedding receptions and any event by providing intimate socializing away from the dinner table and closer to the center of the event. Lounge furniture helps provide the ideal seating environment for elderly guests to be involved in the action of the event, and also serve as a resting area for those adamant to dance every possible tune played. Plush Lounge, a full service company,includes design assistance to both event and wedding coordinators and clients to help provide experienced consultation for what furniture might work best for the reception part of the event. Plush Lounge firmly believes that their outstanding customer service in conjunction with their custom furniture pieces will provide a wedding décor and seating environment that will enhance any wedding, big or small!