tips from the pros :: wedding trends for 2009

If you’re planning a wedding, you’re probably wondering what will be trendy and hip. There’s no denying that 2009 Wedding Trends are heavily influenced by the economy. It seems dreary to be constantly talking about how the economy will impact your life, but fortunately, there are already ways in which a smaller budget has inspired couples to have more creative, intimate, and personal weddings.

These weddings are benefiting from a heavy dose of style, influenced by the many images and ideas circulating around the blogosphere. This chic style will be the second biggest influence this year. Rather than huge weddings, where cost cutting means a lack of details or fun, the 2009 wedding trends are full of fabulous details meant for smaller, affordable weddings. This holds true for San Diego weddings and any other part of the country.
• Small luxurious weddings Budgets might be tight, but that doesn’t mean that luxury and glamour are going away. Instead, couples are opting for intimate glamorous affairs. By having fewer guests, they can have more opulent details, like elaborate favors, beautiful wines and gourmet tasting menus.
• Macaroons The delightful French cookies not only have a delicious almond flavor and light texture, but they’re also stunning as favors or as an accompaniment to wedding cake. 
The newest trend is creating a tower of macaroons instead of a wedding cake,
• Gray For the past few years, chocolate brown has been the “It Color” popping up in weddings as a hip neutral, and combined with bright pink or cheery yellow. While chocolate brown isn’t going anywhere, the hippest new color for 2009 is gray. You may think of gray as too dreary a color for weddings, but on the contrary, it can serve as a sophisticated foil to brighter colors. It’s great paired with pink or yellow, but perhaps the hottest combination this year will be silver and royal purple.
• Affordable and Rewearable Bridesmaid Dresses 2009 brides are considerate and mindful of the economy, so they’re looking for bridesmaid dresses that are truly rewearable and don’t come with a sky-high price tag. For a beach wedding, consider telling your bridesmaids that they can wear a knee-length, spaghetti-strap dress in any shade of blue. They’ll not only be able to shop the department store sales, but your wedding will reflect the beautiful colors of the ocean.
• Photography Registries – A wedding photography registry can help you increase your budget for photography services while offering a convenient gift-giving solution for your guests. Your gift will not only be well-received, but will provide a life-long artistic memory. The Bridal Registry options of today are very different than in the past. Current wedding couples may have been housekeeping for a number of years and no longer require the usual household items and “stuff”. The wedding photography registry allows family, friends and guests to purchase certificates which the bride and groom will use toward their wedding photography.