Each member of Weddings of Distinction is committed to honest, professional, ethical and responsible behavior. We pledge, as individual companies, to serve each client and/or couple to the best of our ability in the areas of our particular skill or expertise.

As a group, we are committed to working in concert toward the goal of helping each other in every way possible to make each wedding or special event a personal, wonderful, joyous and problem-free experience for all of the brides, grooms, and clients we serve.

The following documents more clearly define our goals and purpose as a networking group. Feel free to read and/or download them as needed. Should you have further membership questions, please fill out the Contact form and someone will get back to you!

Board Members

President: Ann Strobel (ANN’S PLANS)
The President leads/directs all Board meetings and general group meetings. Guides/promotes growth of organization, champions networking within the group, and maintains all lists.

Vice Presidents (co-chaired): Mike Hogan (MIKE HOGAN PRODUCTIONS) and Kristie Bryant (HORNBLOWER YACHTS)
The Vice Presidents select & schedule all venues for monthly meetings. They will work with the President & Membership Director to organize monthly meeting agendas, and in the absence of the President, perform those duties.

Treasurer: Tracy Zemke (PERSONAL TOUCH DINING)
The Treasurer monitors & maintains all finances for WoD as a non-profit. Assists with the annual budget preparation and invoices membership for renewals as well as collects all money.

Membership Director: Brant Bender (BRANT BENDER PHOTOGRAPHY)
The Membership Director coordinates all communication with existing and prospective members. First point of contact for all new members.

Marketing: Marc Lehman (The Emotion Picture Studio)
The Marketing team is responsible for transmitting information and news to the public. Manages all marketing activities revolving around the group, whether it be print, internet, internal communication, social media and related sales & marketing activities & inquires.

Secretary: Andy Hagenah (The Groove DJs/Starlight Photo Booth)
The Secretary takes minutes of Board & General monthly meetings. Shares that information with membership as well as with marketing for web site posting.

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