news :: october’s meeting at the hilton del mar

This month we went with a different meeting format and had our first open, frank, solution based discussions through a Vendor Panel to promote communication and consideration for other vendors. it was a very productive and informative meeting with some crucial points of discussion:

1.                   Be considerate of other vendors ~~ their point of view, their contribution to the event. In other words, be a Team Player!

2.                   Communication

3.                   Share timelines ~~~ keep everyone in the loop (but don’t overdue the amount of emails)

4.                   Communication

5.                   Photographers need the timeline early so they can schedule the photography shoot correctly. 

6.                   Venues and coordinators, please share room layouts, especially power outlets, room direction, decor.

7.                   Venues and coordinators, please share room layout with the entertainment people and consult them on where they should be set up.

8.                   Communication

9.                   Photographers & Entertainment need to eat when the guests eat ~~

10.               Open lines of communication between florists, photographers and brides ~~ share that timeline!

11.               Sense of Urgency should be limited to week of……better planning = less stress

12.               rather than relying totally on your web site, get the client to the studio, office, coffeehouse, anywhere you can meet and talk in person

13.               Educate your brides to hire professional vendors and eliminate the “disasters” and “unprofessional vendors” from ruining the event

                  and creating unnecessary stress

14.               Refer WoD members to strengthen not only the group’s dynamics but to create highly successful events on all levels.

15.               Be respectful of the venue, hall, other vendors.  Talk with them, not at them.  Bury the Diva attitude!

16.               Find out what the bride really needs ~~ then work at referring people that will fit her needs and personality.

17.               Did we mention Communication and Timelines?!!

18.               Blog to help educate.  Write magazine articles. 

19.             Tweet and Facebook ~~ use the technology to stay in touch with the brides.

Thank you to Carly McVay for hosting us at the beautiful Hilton Del Mar!