news :: February’s meeting at the Westin Emerald Plaza


Photos courtesy of Lisa with Elle G. Photography

The networking at our February meeting was impressive!  We were hosted by the Westin Emerald Plaza, Director of Catering & Convention Services Mary Calabria and Catering Sales Manager Jen Cease.  Our hostesses were gracious, the room was gorgeous and the food, well, let’s just say that the bar (already at an amazingly high level) has been raised up again!

We welcomed our guests Samuel Northway, owner of Samu Creative Flowers, Alicia Thorne, CZ Events Consultant, Dan Levine, Second Shooter for ABI Photo and Ross Babbit, who helped shoot our meeting with his wife Lisa from Elle G Photography.

We enjoyed learning about the Westin Emerald Plaza, the “special packages” offered to brides and a fabulous video of an August destination wedding, elephant and all.

Our showcasers, Cynthia Blasé from CZ Events and Lisa Gisczinski of Elle G Photography, walked us through a beautiful event, color trends and shared lots of useful wedding pictures and information.  Lisa loves the idea of “First Look”, allowing couples to take pictures before the ceremony so they can relax and enjoy their celebration.

After the tour of this beautiful hotel, we left smiling, anticipating the start of another wonderful month of referring our WoD members!