tips from the pros :: honeymoon advice

San Diego Weddings of Distinction member, Romantic Honeymoons & Holiday Travel will make the honeymoon planning process fun, informative and worry-free for you with their complimentary services. They have 15 years of broad travel experience to help you decide on the perfect honeymoon destination of your dreams.

They have put together a few essential tips to help you begin planning:

· Don’t delay: You should confirm your trip at least 6-8 months prior to departing. In most cases deposits can be a minimum of only $200 per person to secure your trip. This will ensure the best availability for your accommodations (the most popular room categories sell out first!) if you book early you will also be eligible for early booking discounts and special promotions.

· Discuss a budget for your trip beforehand: Just like you will need to budget for the wedding details and vendors, you will also need to factor in the cost of your honeymoon INTO your overall budget. Honeymoons are a trip of a lifetime and a trip you will remember for the rest of your life! So make sure you indulge in the amenities’ that are the most important to you.

· Travel Dates: be sure to sync both of your calendars and check with your employers to ensure you have the same vacation dates guaranteed off. How much time you can be away from the real world highly determines where you should or could go.
· Activities: What do you see yourself doing on your trip? Besides the obvious, romance, would you like to try out scuba diving, maybe go hiking, horseback riding, golfing, or simply relax on the beach while your personal butler serves you cocktails? Or are you adventurous and want to go explore a rain forest or Mayan ruins?
· Consult a specialist: Not every travel agent has seen the world, so ask to speak with someone that has been to the destination you are thinking of going to. The internet has a lot of information and tons pretty pictures of different resorts but remember there is no perfect place. As experienced consultants, we are very particular as to where we send our clients. A true specialist will tell you the good, the bad and the beautiful.

· Do your research early: It’s important that you check out your top 3 destination choices to familiarize yourself with what the different locations have to offer you. The internet is the most valuable source of information at your fingertips. However, don’t book online. Your computer can’t VIP you as honeymooners or upgrade you for free. We are here to make sure you know what you are paying for as well as doing our best to make your dreams come true!

· Dream Big…anything is possible! Are you considering an “over water bungalow in Tahiti?” Or perhaps a “One-bedroom Villa with your very own private plunge pool in St Lucia”? Maybe you want to go yachting in the South of France or explore the Ancient villages of Italy?

It’s all possible when you register through their HONEYMOON GIFT REGISTRY. The honeymoon gift registry enables your family and friends to help pay for your honeymoon as a wedding gift!

So dare to dream big and reach for the stars….Romantic Honeymoons will be there for you every step of the way.