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theorie photographyimages courtesy of theorie
Angie and Paul were married in San Diego at the Prado at Balboa Park. The couple hired Theorie photographers Amy and Maurice Wright to provide professional photography for their wedding. The ceremony was held at the Prado’s picturesque outdoor garden terrace, the perfect venue for their summer wedding. The reception was held in the Loggia Room, one of the Prado’s more intimate banquet rooms, which features an adjacent outdoor patio where guests enjoyed the cocktail hour. Though the couple lives in San Diego, it was a destination wedding for many of the friends and family, who traveled to San Diego from as far away as Hawaii, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. Something fun that Angie and Paul do for each other for birthday presents is to give each other an activity they can do together, like whale watching … or first dance lessons! And as Paul would leave soon after the wedding for an overseas deployment with the California Army National Guard, learning to dance together was some extra special time they could spend together.
Paul left for deployment soon after the wedding. As Angie wrote in a note to Amy and Maurice upon viewing the wedding photographs together for the first time, “It meant a lot that we got to look at our pictures together before he left.” The photography beautifully captured their celebration, including all of the special and memorable moments, flowers and other wedding decorations, plus the essential portrait photography to complete the photos.

member spotlight :: cynthia zatkin events

cynthia zatkinsCynthia is a native of La Jolla, a graduate of La Jolla High, and an alumna of UCLA. She began event planning through non-profit work in her early 20’s, planning conferences and both national and international philanthropic projects. In her late 20’s, she took a position at the Hyatt Regency in La Jolla as Catering Manager and continued to develop her event planning expertise. Then in March 2005, Cynthia launched CZ Events. Because of her hotel experience, Cynthia sees each event as one that involves a community of creative people. She excels in bringing together the expertise of various vendors to create an event that together showcases their individual talent in a triumphant whole.

What Cynthia had to say:
“Why weddings? People ask me this a lot. Simply, I love weddings! I love being part of a family’s most memorable occasion. It is wonderful to plan and create and then step back and watch the joy on the faces of those gathered. Celebrations are one of the most basic parts of humanity. We have celebrated rites of passage since civilization began. I feel connected to what is most important in life when I create the wonderful occasions that are part of each family’s story. I hope to able to create your wonderful occasion for you.”

tips from the pros :: 10 tips for planning a wedding

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and rewarding things a person will ever do, but it is also one of the most stressful.
The following is a list of tips for brides planning weddings in San Diego or anywhere else…

1. Start planning as early as possible. Places and service providers are booked earlier and earlier each year. So to ensure that you get exactly what you want, start early. It also gives you plenty of time to find and investigate other options if your first choice does not work out.

2. Know your service providers. The reputation of the service providers you choose is of the utmost importance. Avoid unpleasant surprises on the day of your wedding by selecting service providers with impeccable records.

3. Put everything in writing. When you book your service providers, anything that you discuss, including special arrangements or deals that you want included in your package for the quoted price, make certain is written in the contract. People can’t remember promises they made to you a year ago verbally, so make sure all the details are written in the signed contract.

4. Be organized. In order to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks ahead of you, stay organized. Make an action plan (by week) of what you are going to do, and keep track of progress. This will help you to keep your thoughts and plans in order.

5. Pursue proper etiquette. Following proper etiquette has two advantages. Firstly, you will avoid embarrassing social blunders that can ruin your special day. Secondly, weddings are an emotional event for everyone involved, not just the bride and groom. It is important to keep all relevant parties happy and excited. By following the proper rules of etiquette, you can never go wrong.

6. Invite people to participate in your wedding party because they care about you, not out of obligation. I can’t tell you how often a bride asks someone to be in her wedding out of obligation, and is only frustrated by that individual’s lack of interest and participation. This is one of the most important days of your life. Only involve people who genuinely share in your happiness and love. If they don’t, there is no way they can behave the way you might expect them to. It is impossible.

7. Watch your budget. It is very easy to get drawn into spending more on your wedding than you planned or may be able to. There are so many wonderful choices available to brides that you should not have to put yourself in debt to have the wedding you want. If you start out with a budget, stick to it and find alternatives that allow you to do that. You do not want to start your new life with your partner paying off wedding bills for years to come!

8. Compromise. Knowing how to compromise will save a lot of stress through the planning process. You, your groom, and families all should enjoy the wedding and be proud of it. The bride and groom should do what makes them happy, but also be open to suggestions and sensitive to the feelings of those around you.

9. Confirm and follow-up. Make sure as the date gets closer, about 2 months before, that you follow-up with your service providers such as the band or DJ, limos, photographer, florist, and videographer to confirm your arrangements and provide any last minute instructions. It will make you feel secure and will ensure that they understand your expectations. This is also a task a good wedding coordinator can assist with.

10. Relax and enjoy! It is a fun, happy, beautiful time, especially in San Diego! Do not let the planning process mask that for you. Take moments to step back and enjoy what is happening, especially the day of your wedding. Just enjoy it. You have done all you can and it is in the hands of the trustworthy people you have hired.

news :: an urban chic luncheon encounter at Studio Carre’

abi photographyimages courtesy of

Who would have thought a loft-like experience existed up the I-5 in cozy Del Mar. Shannon Henry hosted our July Weddings of Distinction luncheon/meeting at her Studio Carre in the heart of Del Mar.

Fulfilling the ambiance for the day was WoD catering member Renee Hirsh and The French Gourmet. Renee and crew were totally on top of it with Mimosa’s, iced water and iced tea, scrumptious tray passed appetizers and a filling, family style served assortment of salads. Everyone left healthy and no one left hungry!

President Bob Brichmann, DJ and Emcee from Artistic Productions, greeted everyone to start the luncheon. Bob welcomed Gloria Paris’ guest Norman Phillips, a good friend, and Matthew Flint, Operations Manager for Plush Lounge, a guest of Karen Kluchonic’s from Plush.

Our showcasers on the day were obvious choices, our host Shannon Henry of Studio Carre and caterer Renee Hirsh from The French Gourmet.

Shannon shares studio loft-like space with other coastal photographers. The feel of Studio Carre is both warm, modern and cool. Shannon offers wedding, lifestyle and intimate/boudoir photography services. Shannon displays a definite passion for her craft through her work. Her demo slideshow was fantastic. Shannon’s clients love both her and how she makes them “pop” on film. Shannon is a very valued member of WoD and serves as co-marketing director for the group.

The French Gourmet almost needs no introduction, but definitely mega-kudos for the quality of their service and food they present. Renee Hirsh has been with them for years and doubles as an event/wedding coordinator. Their reputation is excellent as social and wedding event caterers. Our luncheon featured incredible couscous salad, Dijon mustard green bean salad, a Mediterranean green salad, chicken satay and more and a finishing touch of custard topped with fresh seasonal berries. French Gourmet also crafts exquisite wedding cakes, pastries and desserts.

General group business was handled accordingly and, most importantly, our new web site was officially unveiled for the group members and launched to the world ( Other marketing ideas were shared, Real Wedding testimonials with fellow members were offered up and raffle prizes were doled out to the lucky few.

We’ll see you next August 25th! Stay tuned for the location!

The Weddings of Distinction 2009 Board:
President, Bob Brichmann, DJ & Emcee from Artistic Productions (
Vice-President, Ann Strobel, Coordinator from Ann’s Plans (
Treasurer, Merrylin Brichmann, DJ & Emcee from Artistic Productions (
Founding President, Susan Ashley from Romantic Honeymoons, (
Membership, Carrie Esparza from San Diego Authentic Flavors Custom Catering (
Secretary, Andrea Pena from The Prado at Balboa Park (

Committee Members:
Shannon Henry, photographer from Studio Carre (

Weddings of Distinction is a non-profit networking group specializing in weddings and special events. They meet monthly at various San Diego County hotels, resorts and special event facilities. The group’s goal is building professional relationships and networking to give clients the best advice and services to choose from.

member spotlight :: amy and maurice of theorie

theorie photographyTheorie is San Diego’s super fun and fresh photography team, husband and wife, Amy and Maurice Wright. Their wedding photography reflects who they are as artists and people. Soulful, fresh, funky, creative, different, rule-breaking, but also sincere, beautiful, anything but traditional, and always fun! When they first met, they created the equation 1 + 1 = 1 to define their life together. Fully committed, passionate and inter-dependent. That’s why they work together – in fact it’s the soul of their studio. They constantly inspire each other and that’s the secret of their life together and reason for their life’s work.

Visit their website at and blog at to see more of their work. Contact them now to chat about your wedding and to learn more about their pricing and services.

Call Amy anytime at 619-962-5026 or 877-962-5026 or send her an email at They are looking forward to learning more about your wedding and especially the opportunity to work with you and capture your wedding day celebration for you!!!